Configure MetaMask for our testnet

Note: Please completely remove any previous Scroll L1 and L2 networks from your MetaMask before proceeding. After re-adding each of them:Reset MetaMask for both networks
Layer 1
Layer 2

Test the following

Receive test ETH and USDC tokens on L1 from Faucet.
Use Bridge (based on Hop Exchange UI) to transfer tokens between L1 and L2.
Use Swap (our Uniswap fork) to swap tokens and supply liquidity on L2.
Rollup Explorer
See L2 blocks being committed to L1 and finalized with zkEVM proofs on our Rollup Explorer.
L1 Block Explorer
See your L1 transactions on our fork of Blockscout.
L2 Block Explorer
See your L2 transactions on our fork of Blockscout.

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